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I am so excited to introduce myself. I am April Thomas! I have over 10 years experience in business management and I am excited to share that knowledge and experience to help business owners create a bold and creative online presence, fine tune their business strategies and create the efficient, and profitable business they've always dreamed of. I am passionate about helping people succeed through empowering them to realize their potential and increase their awareness of better business practices to save them time, money, and stress. I live in the incredible Pacific Northwest with my amazing husband, and three beautiful boys. In all my years of work experience in different industries it has become evident to me that so many business owners have an incredible talent for producing vision, but they struggle to put the steps together to make their vision a reality. Partnering with someone who can take their vision and create attainable action steps to make it a reality can be the missing piece to ultimate success. If this is you and you're looking for the missing piece to help you reach your business goals, I would love to schedule a Discovery Call to see how I can support you in growing your business into the success you've only dreamed of. 




I have found that the most successful business owners have discovered their "why". Your why is what gives you tenacity, it is the reason to push through when you feel like giving up. These handsome faces are my why, do you have yours?



“I am a current business owner, and I am currently adding new services. For the last year, I have felt that my business was missing something and I couldn’t quite put a finger on it. These tasks are time consuming and creativity is not my strong suit. April took the time to learn about me, and my business in a way that really highlighted who I am, and what is important to me. She just has an incredible talent and vision that she was able to put into context for me. Now I am able to make a cohesive brand and my business has a voice!!! I cannot say enough about the passion that April has, and she works tirelessly to make sure everything is perfect according to my vision. I am so thankful to have found her and have her as part of my business team for years to come!”


Tommie Kell

Compassionate Dental Wellness


April is amazing to work with. She has transformed our marketing program and dramatically increased our business by increasing traffic to our social media platforms and website.  She has an incredible artistic eye.  The branding that she created for our agency is spot on and better than I had even hoped for. She is prompt, courteous, creative, and always on deadline.


Sarah Soria
Foothills Financial & Insurance Services



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